Sunday, October 2, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday...Hello Ranger

Six from a flash that just might be turning into a story...


Thick brown hair, hazel but almost yellow eyes and curves just where he liked them had his mouth watering and made him wish he was Jefferson.  And she was still standing after that amazing drop from the tree limb, way up there.  His head bent back and look to the limb in question, then back to the beauty who’d come down from it, still processing the how of it, never mind the why…

“Hey listen, sorry about…” she started, waving her hands both to the tree and herself though explaining nothing.

“What are you, ma’am?”

“Shit,” she whispered, crossing her arms across her breasts and taking away at least half of his confusion.   

“Hello, Ranger, I’m screwed.”


  1. Oooh, interesting. What is she? Who is she talking to at the end? Great setup, Serena!

  2. Well I'm intrigued. She came from way up in the tree, she's still standing,and she's "screwed." Have to read more.

  3. Interesting setup. LOL with the last line.

  4. I'm still luving the impact of those last sentences, and, of course, that last line.

  5. I'm on the hook and very interested in seeing where this goes. Love the description. Terrific six!