Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Retro...

Really?  Here I thought it was just for upset stomachs, and nap-time was for fatigue!  ~wink~


  1. :) Isn't that something, Bree...Alka-Seltzer for fatigue, please

  2. When I was in grade school a lot of the other kids were always drinking or talking about alka-seltzer. I tasted it once. Yuck!

    Anyhoo, I just learned alka-seltzer has baking soda in it, which is not only for upset stomach, but could be used as an energy-boost because it alkalizes the blood.

  3. Yeah, is not very tasty, but it sure does help with an upset stomach. I'll be darned though, an energy boost, I never would have guessed. :)

    Thanks for sharing that bit of info!