Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Temptation - Trueblood

And a Tasty Tuesday Temptation to all you supernatural lovers out there...

I just finished watching the second season of Trueblood and I just knew the series in general had to be this Tuesday's Temptation.  Vampires, Cajun yumminess and Vampires!  Yep, I said vamps twice cause they are bloody bodacious!  ~wink~

It's a toss up for me though...Eric or Bill, Eric or Bill, Eeeeeeric or Biiill.  I can't decide.  Maybe it's Eric and Bill!  Muahahahahah

If you get a chance give Trueblood a rent and see what you think.

Have a Tempting Tuesday!


  1. Oh gosh, that makes me want to have more than dial-up, so I could use the computer. Although, I guess a DVD would work...yeah, I'm WAY BEHIND the entertainment times.

    Luv your description of the show! ~smiles~

  2. Hehe...I'm behind the entertainment times as well, Savanna. I don't have cable, just good old Netflix which lets me catch up. :)