Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sunday Scribbling - Curious

“Mmmm, fire and ice.” The dragon pulled himself away from the task of counting his treasure to draw in the new scent invading his cave. It was his favorite kind of ice, one he needed to add to his collection and keep forever safe in his lair—diamonds, only with a twist.

He climbed easily over the piles of gold coins, silver cups and gems of every color. His talons moved loudly over the stacks as he hurried to reach the delicious smell. He would add the new gem to his collection only after he removed the smell of brimstone from its beautiful facets.

As he moved atop the ledge overlooking the entrance to his cave, a pint sized human came into view. She was earthy and feminine, but her scent was off. She smelled of demon and reminded him if a soft, green glade. She should smell of warm summer nights not coal, squeezed tightly into a perfect bauble.

She was different and he was curious…


  1. That dragon's getting himself into trouble, I suspect. Now, I'm curious...

  2. I too am curious, but I have this wish to warn him. All that glitters....
    I would like to

  3. Serena, aha, Mr. Dragon is tempted by a pint-sized woman... hmmmm...

  4. Trouble indeed, J, hopefully she's the kind of trouble this dragon likes! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hey Dee, yeah a warning would work except this is a treasure loving dragon...they tend not to listen! ;)

    The Dragon's Lair is next up on my to do writing list so hopefully I'll have more to be read soon. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hey Savanna,
    Yep, this pint-sized bundle of blessed earthbound energy is taunting the dragon...both inside my head and out! Naughty girl!

  7. Curious take on a dragon collecting... should be interesting to see if his curiosity explores her differences.