Monday, January 12, 2009

What a Sunday!

I have to start this blog by saying that I am still in a state of utter amazement!

My life is normally quite busy, much like others lives I would guess, but lately it's been feeling like I'm running more than I'm doing anything else. Kidlet to school, back from school, to friends home from friends, groceries, target, to the folks for cards, homework, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, writing, editing, walking dogs, dogs, dogs, kidlet, kidlet, kidlet, hubby, hubby and hubby...

~pant, pant~

I'm exhausted just writing it...

So when days like yesterday happen, I am ever so grateful! It started like most normal Sundays, what's for breakfast, can I play with my friend? Sure...

But then, she got an invite to her friends house. YAY Fun time for her and no screaming kids here...thanks friends mom and dad! What to do? oh yeah, grocery shopping...blah. Wait what is that in my cupboard? Chow mien? sweet! Dinner...hehe grocery's will wait.

What to do? Clean? Ah no way man! free time does not equal cleaning time to me!!

I could write.... oops hubby is now conquering some poor city....hum

It all became so clear then. Could I really do this? Just pick it up, go somewhere and get comfortable and just,

LOL...yes I can and boy did I. Four gloriously uninterrupted hours of reading. No guilt, no "mom" questions, no "wife" questions, just me, my book and quality quiet time!

I enjoyed it, gleefully!

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