Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

So last Thursday I posted the ingredients for a Pink Gin.

Did anyone try it?

Was it the best thing you've ever had or did you want to gag? I have to be honest, I didn't even try it. Gin is just not the liquor of choice for dry.

Hopefully, this weeks drink will be better.

Drum roll........

Here it is,
Cookie Monster #1


1 shot blue Maui
Pineapple juice
2 shots Everclear

Mixing instructions:
Mix and stir and pour over ice

Creator/contributor's comments:
It has the bite of the blue monster

Pine-apple, Pine-apple, Pine-apple!!!!

Move over Burt and Ernie, I'd like to meet my new friend Cookie!!!!

What do you think? Is the cookie for you?
Have a great week!

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