Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Muse...

Starting off my week with a bit of groveling...  

Mz. Muse:  It was a good idea.

Me:  I'm sure it was.

Mz. Muse:  No, it was a great idea!

Me:  I'm sorry.

Mz. Muse:  No you're not, you're just saying that to get back into my good graces so I'll give you more ideas.

Me:  Not true.  I really am sorry...I don't know what happened.  One moment I was excited and agreeing with your excellent suggestions for a story, then the next I...

Mz. Muse:  Was sleeping!

Me: So, so sorry.  How can I make it up to you?

Mz. Muse:  You can't.  I'm going over here to pout in the corner and never talk to you again.  You go over there and think about what you've done.

Me:  Never?


Me:  Never ever?


Me:  Never ever ever?

Mz. Muse: No!  Oh, you...shut up!  I must pout.

Me:  I am sorry and I love you.

Mz. Muse:  I know.  I love you too.  Go think about our problem.

Me:  I will.  I promise, but after this episode of Supernatural, okay?

Mz. Muse:  Gah!!!

Me:  I'm watching with Darling Diva...

Mz. Muse:  Fine, but only because I like her.


  1. Mz. Muse seems a bit upset... oh, dear! Of course, she'll forgive, and thrill you with more spectacular inspirations.

  2. Yep, not at all happy with me, but she's definitely getting over it. It helps that I finally remembered her idea. Sadly, it was one of those right before falling asleep ideas so it wasn't so great when I brought it back, but maybe with some tweaking... ;)

  3. I know what you mean. I've lost a few that way. And it is hard to remember the details of what I see and experience.