Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Muse...

How could he have chosen the harsh, sordid promise of fame over warm love of family and friends?  He'd left the beauty, both inside and outside of this woodland home, instead, choosing the cold mechanical steel of a jet to fly him to parts unknown.  He'd sung to the ungrateful masses, fucked indiscriminately with the groupies and swilled, snorted and smoked any substance that would erase reality.

Ah, wait, that's was a fallacy he'd been sucked into one to many times.  It didn't exist with his alpha, his unequivocal leader...his prick of a father. 

"Love is a weakness!" Leon bellowed at their last dinner together. "And your brand of love, Dylan, is an affront to everything that makes you the next pack leader.  Fix it...or I will!" 


  1. Ah, Dylan, there's a better road ahead...

    1. Yep, much better roads ahead for Dylan...I just need to get Mz. Muse to work on it.