Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Muse...

Mz. Muse turned her back on me today, pissed that I'm so busy...
"When will you have time for me?" Her breathy voice makes me weak.
"I'm trying - I swear," My plea pathetic to my own ears. 
Upon my knees I beg of her,  "Bear with me a bit longer..."

"I've given you time, ideas to ponder and my voice fills your head.  Still you turn away...
This and that have come before me each and every day.  I cringe at the lists you make
with me placed at the bottom, move me up you silly pup...give me a reason to stay!"


  1. Oooh, Mz. Muse needs a story of her own... my goodness, I can feel the heat glancing off me from here.

  2. Yeah, she's riled up today. Many of my other responsibilities hit today and this last weekend and week that she's pushing at my skin. I need to make her a priority, but that's easier said than done...