Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday Muse...

This was it, brightly colored and smooth in texture - the perfect enticement, nay trap, for her very own elf.  She would have one this Christmas and he would grant her every wish or he'd remain inside the glass until he agreed.  There was but one thing she'd asked for since that magical pubescent moment when she's become aware of boys.  She wanted love!  If her mate were deliciously male and beautiful, hey who was she to complain. 

"Here, elfy elfy..."


Denik smiled at the tiny scrap, yet utterly gorgeous woman calling out for an elf for Christmas.  She believed the stories that elves were small, diminutive creatures. Wouldn't she be surprised by his 6'5 frame and as his previous lovers assured him, his chiseled and rocking bod.  She'd laid the bait, but would she keep her catch?