Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Muse

Tears slid down her cheeks as she set the delicate fabric inside the suitcase.  The silk panties he’d given her appeared as lonely as she, sitting next to the bra and stockings.  This was the right thing to do—she knew that.  A last look around the bedroom assured her every female accoutrement had been removed.  This was a man’s room, right down to the smell.

Through the hall, past the kitchen and into living room, every picture of them had been digitally changed to reflect another woman.  The entire apartment scoured professionally to remove every last remnant of her DNA.
“You ready, Agent Blaine?”

She no longer existed in his home, or his life.  Would he wonder where she’d gone?  Would he remember her in any way?  Her removal was for the best.  She may be breaking apart inside, but that was far better than another, possibly successful, attempt on his life.


  1. Omygosh, that is painful. Having to leave the man you love because he might be killed over you. ~sighs~

    Excellent musing... ~smiles~

  2. I know, Savanna, very painful! This musing actually hit both the muse and myself because of one word I ran across yesterday - erase.

    Talk about your weird musing inspiration! :D

  3. That is a 'weird musing inspiration' moment. But it's kinda a cool when a word or a phrase triggers a scene, or a whole story unfolds before your mind's eye.

  4. Kinda cool indeed. I love that moment when the muse stops you cold with this idea that plays out as fast moving pictures in your head... :D