Friday, April 1, 2011

Lost in my Gray Matter...

On the run from her hero, not ready to mate, our heroine is overlooking the Mighty Mississippi from a tiny ledge.  Her cell, ringing in her back pocket and straps of her fake Jimmy Choo's in her teeth...  Will she fall, can she answer the phone, is her mate close enough to get her?

And a commercial break....  ~At least in my head there is, dang it!~ 

I've been futzing with this scene now for a while and I can't get it right.  The character is tight-lipped (not wanting to lose those shoes you know) and I'm not quite sure what direction to take her.  One way disrupts the rest of the already written story, but the other just kind of flops.

I need a third option.

One that fits each of the characters and keeps the story going.  The third option must be hiding somewhere in my gray matter...I just need to find it.  :) 


  1. Uh-oh! Maybe, you'll dream it... or lucid dream about the right direction. And, just how important are the shoes??? compared to what else is at stake.

  2. this moment, they seem to matter a great deal to LeAnn, but considering the lucid dreams I've been having over it...she's about to find out their true lack of importance. ~wink~

  3. good going, LeAnn... and good going to her author ~smiles~