Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Scribblings - Wait

Wait, my love did say to me
Come later to meet me behind our tree
Let no one know, let no one see
For tonight, I’ll fall on bended knee.

Promises, promises, I’d heard them before
His words resembled an old folk lore
I refused to listen, I'd say no more
I'd kick his arse, right out the door.

~I'm in kind of a silly mood tonight!  ;)


  1. sounds like a wise solution to me.

    great labor day poster. If that's you that I know you could kick his arse

  2. Kicking arse is quite a useful skill, I say.

  3. arse kicking definitely a plan - if he was serious it would not have required sneaking behind a tree!! You go girl :)

  4. :-) it made me smile, thanks for that.