Monday, March 9, 2009

The Kissing Parts....


I don't remember being an eight-year-old with any real clarity, must be *old* age setting in. ;-) Now as the mom of an eight-year-old, I feel like I'm getting a brand spanking new education!

My kidlet just recently gave up watching the Disney Channel, with a little *okay a lot* of help from mom. Hard to watch what's not there anymore. Hey, cables expensive. 8-(

Anyway, Kidlet has started to watch "adult" shows, not not those kind, but as I watch with her I have to wonder just how many of them are darn close to those kind.

Her current favs, Knight Rider, Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural. At least until they start in with "The Kissing Parts"

I have to laugh every time we run into a bit of kissing on TV. While I'm sitting there directing the kiss-in my head of course- and hopefully a little second and third base as well, Kidlet is sitting next to me going.."aggg, tell me when it over." LOL

Good thing she's still to young to read my writing!

So the other night, the hubster was home from work and decided to join us for some TV time when shock, on came a Kissing part. Kidlet pipes in with the standard "aggg, tell when it's over" then looks over at her dad and says "Mom likes the Kissing parts." All with perfect disgust oozing out.

Know what dad says?

"I know." The perfect twinkle in his eye as he gave me a wink. ~oh yeah~ Gotta love the subtlety in that look... Whew, how long til bedtime?

Have a great day!

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