Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh my holy cursive writing.....

Third grade. Yep, third grade is when all the writing fun begins. I had forgotten, of course. It's been way to many 29th birthdays~no fair telling how many, Tammi. ;-)~ to remember the joys of third grade.

Multiplication, Division, Geometry, Word problems~shoot me~, recorder practice, high emotion and my own private hell....Cursive handwriting!

Okay, so word problems trump cursive on the levels of I don't want to/can't do, but cursive is right on up there.

So, in tromps my third-grader the other day with all of her spit and vinegar spilling over and slams down her homework...a spelling list in cursive to be copied three or four times on the same sheet. Now I'm thinking, hey good idea, the more you write a word correctly the more you remember the spelling.

That is until my bundle of fury says, "MOM! How do you make a capital S in cursive????"

Oh Crap! OMHCW~check out my title for this one~

I hate cursive capital S's and I don't use them. EVER! LOLOL

It was clearly not a good homework session, but we muddled through and now guess who has to sit and write words in cursive with her bundle of fury? Yep. It's OK though, cause the kidlet comes by her difficulty with cursive naturally...both grandma and mom are horrid at it and a little practice never hurt anyone.

I've been told I really should have been a doctor with my ridiculously bad handwriting~~

Is there a doctor that never has to see blood? I doubt I would garner to much trust doctoring from the prone position! LOL

Have a great day!

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