Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thirteen Things Serena hopes to see
under her tree this year!

1. Books!! Big books, little books, gift cards for books... Books!!

2. The Nickleback CD dear hubby swears he doesn't have.

3. Season 3 DVD of Supernatural.

4. A shiny new laptop.

5. Really good seats to the AC/DC concert.

6. A pair of thigh-high leather boots and a brand new flogger.

7. A year-long subscription to Fruit of the month club.

8. Steven Tyler riding Trigger~heh heh.

9. A year-long subscription to Flowers of the month club.

10. A brand new flat screen, hangs on the wall like a picture TV.

11. A huge gift certificate to Adam and Eve dot com.

12. A Wii machine with Wii bowling.

13. Numbers 6, 8, a few things from 11 and dear hubby in the big beautiful cherry wood bed he's been promising to make me...muaahaha

Merry Christmas to me!!

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