Friday, November 7, 2008

Sweating with Sven

Hi again, I'm dropping by to let everyone know I've decided to let Sven "pump me up!" hehe

Whose Sven you ask? Well, check him out here. Sven Upper right hand corner, isn't he delish?

Anyhow, this is the first time I've taken part in the Sweating with Sven writing challenge, but I'm hoping it is just the thing to push me to finish the initial drafts of the two remaining novellas for my secret series anthology. My goal is to hit 30k for each story in the 70 days of the challenge. Break that down and I'm looking at 900-1000 words a day.

Doable? Yes. I sure hope so. What the heck have I done!?!

I'm guessing those three statements will be falling out of my mouth quite often in the next 70 days, along with some more colorful ones, but that's OK, if they are it means I'm at the computer working rather then goofing off somewhere else. LOL

Wish me luck, I'll keep everyone updated on my progress. For my fellow authors not signed up for the challenge,

Do you have what it takes to Sweat with Sven?

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