Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring Cleaning. A must?

So I've started my Spring cleaning. Does it get any better then that?

Darn right it does!

I could be and would rather be doing ANYTHING other then Spring cleaning.

I could be reading one of the many books from my TBR pile so that I'm not inadvertently killed in a cave in. ~yea, I have a lot of books~

I could and should be writing!!

I could be designing more web sites.

I could be cruising the Internet...

I could be walking the dogs...

I could be practicing my jockeying for when they call me to sub in the Kentucky Derby. ~Excuse me? What do you mean I'm too tall?~

I could be juggling venomous snakes... ~hum, might want to reconsider that one.~

Yes, I will go to great lengths to not have to Spring clean! Why you ask am I so against it? Mainly because as a striving to stay rehabilitated pack rat, I find no enjoyment in cleaning. I'll admit it, I can think of a million and one reason to keep each and everything. I know every saying, "If I toss it now, you know I'll just need it tomorrow." "What a waste of money to get rid of it." "It might be worth something someday." "Kid-let might like to play with/read/listen to it when she's old enough." blah de blah de blah...see what I mean...a pack rat motto!

Now I realize that you can't always do just the fun things in life, and yes cleaning has to be done, but does anyone have any tricks up their sleeves for making it less painful? If you do, I'd love to hear your ideas!

Have a great day!

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