Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen 8.30.07

Thirteen Sexy Occupations for my Hero's

1. Wood worker...Knows how to use his tools!!

2. Cop...Has his own set of cuffs~Yeah baby~

3. Military officer...Knows how to take orders!

4. Sex Toy inventor...Really, need I go on here?

5. Cowboy...Knows how to Ride!!!

6. Bodyguard...Safety first!!!

7. DNR Officer...Could tell me all about catch and release!

8. Artist...Knows how to work with his hands.

9. Executive...Has the power baby!!

10. Bartender...Knows how to listen!

11. Casino owner...Hello! You get to live in a hotel!!!

12. Pilot...Mile high club member.

13. Mechanic...Not afraid to get a little dirty!!

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1 comment:

  1. Shoot military officer all the way baby!!!

    Knows how to take orders - yeah - but he knows how to give orders!

    Oh yeah - that's sounding REALLY good....Hmmm....for sure a story there...LOL